All the rivers Flash residency: #yodo – you only die once

Sunday, 17 November, 2024 - 10:00

All the rivers Flash residency: #yodo – you only die once

Michaela Maxi Schulz
Luana Naquin a.k.a Luana Madikera
Virginnia Krämer

"#yodo – you only die once: a performance about dying, death, grief & care. Very few people want to confront the fact that they will die, that they will lose their physical vitality, their memory, their ability to shit in the toilet. Why? Because we are afraid. It is easier to ignore the cycle of life. However, there is no hiding, no evading. It will happen. For the moment of dying is inevitable. We will all experience this moment. But what exactly happens in this moment, in this transition from life to death? And why is it taboo to talk about it? During our residency, we want to approach the moment of dying, make death tangible and magnify this transition. Earlier this year, as part of a research residency, we conducted a participatory workshop with an interactive exhibition on the topics of dying, death, grief and care at Heizhaus, Berlin. Now with the ‘All The Rivers’ residency, we want to continue our work. Using the collected archive from our workshop, we will jointly explore techniques to transform the stories and materials into a performative language. We want to transform the personal into dance. Using our diverse working methods, consisting of contemporary dance, modern and traditional African dance styles, danced rituals and somatic techniques, we will transform our archive. With our performance, we want to imagine something that we cannot imagine, namely the transition between life, dying and death.

On Friday the 21.11. there will be the public performance. News about this will come up!

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