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Saturday, 31 October, 2020 - 16:00


31 Oct 2020 - 23:00


post-DUO is an experimental performance research vehicle of jee chan (sg) and stefan pente (de). since forming in spring 2018, we have collaborated with balloons, vacuum cleaners and other resonating bodies as an analogue noise band. 

every body — person, plant, image, mountain, architecture, thing etc. — comes with the impulse to seek alliances that enhance their vitality, striving to be more than the functions assigned to them.

balloons are blown up with our breath and become palpable extensions of our bodies. they may carry sentimental collective memories of parties and childhood birthdays. these days they might potentially be seen as contagious. they are also entangled within histories of plantation, colonial expansion and slavery, with rubber being a material which was taken by brutal force in order to profit and privilege the first european industrial revolution, starting as early as 1839.

the vacuum cleaner also has its origins in the first european industrial revolution. it is widely regarded by economic historians that the “standard of living” for “the general population in the western world” began to increase consistently for the first time in history. many here living today have grown up to the sounds of vacuum-cleaners, most likely pushed and pulled around by our mothers.

for the residency at ausland, we continue with our endeavors into what we term “buntes rauschen (colorful noise)”. we will present various scored choreographies which center on the relationships between different resonating bodies in space, such as those of balloons, vacuum cleaners, known and unknown histories, ourselves and the audience.


please sign up to have a place at one of the sessions here:

if you for some reason are not able to make it on the day of the showings, please let us know in case other people might like to join!


As part of the series Residenzen

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