Reset. Rest in Progress
Artists' names in order of appearance on the picture: Rositsa Mahdi, Sarah Ama Duah, Sointu Pere, Naomi Boima

Tuesday, 24 October, 2023 - 10:00

Reset. Rest in Progress

In a world that constantly demands our attention, the concept of rest has become a precious and elusive commodity, especially for marginalized communities. This residency project seeks to explore the multifaceted dimensions of rest within the Black experience, using a diverse range of artistic practices, including sound, sculpture, performance, and painting.

This interdisciplinary exploration will be facilitated by four Black practitioners who are dedicated to shedding light on the nuanced narratives and histories surrounding rest within their respective mediums. Through their collaborative efforts, they aim to create a thought-provoking installation that invites viewers to reflect  on the profound essence of rest in the context of Black culture.

There will be a showing Novembre 2nd from 15-21

As part of the series Residenzen

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