Residenz: House Of Cardamom

Tuesday, 29 October, 2024 - 10:00

Residenz: House Of Cardamom

Zain Saleh

“House of Cardamom” is a work-in-progress interactive project performance that revolves around the cultural significance of coffee rituals, particularly coffee-reading ceremonies in the Arabic-speaking world. Through the residency, we will research and contemplate on the therapeutic and communal space provided by morning coffee gatherings. The project becomes a documentation of our Arab queer experiences in exile, offering a space for celebration, mourning, and rest—a reflection of the essence of coffee reading itself. Through rituals, movements, text, and the art of lip-syncing, Arab drag artists Bolbola and Hassandra use their shared experiences and collective memory as the foundation for this intimate exploration of identity, community, and tradition.

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